My Theory of the 3Ps

First thing my client’s always mention; is that they want to change everything but don’t want to get into the whole renovation nightmare! No one likes to sleep in a mess, or not be able to use their kitchen or bathroom because it’s been gutted down. This leads me to my theory of 3ps; planning, precision and patience.


1. Planning
Seems easy right? It could be if everything is well planned. I want you to start by deciding if you want to live in the house during the renovations or take a few weeks and stay over at a friend or family’s house. I wouldn’t advise you to go on vacation, while the renovations have started. It’s always best to be present and to be able to check that the work is done properly. On the other hand some people may prefer to let the designer or general contractor take care and handle all of the planning.
Have a reasonable goal on when you’d like the renovations to be done. Inconveniences may occur, so be ready to have some leeway for delays. Make sure not to start something while you’re having people over in a month! I know its sounds crazy but I’ve experienced it and you don’t want to be in that pressure. Plan ahead and you’ll be putting up your feet in no time.


2. Precision is the key
Now make sure to hire the right team to do your job. Take your time in researching the contractor that will do your job. Most important thing is to be able to trust the people you are willing to hire, it’s always good if you get a referral from someone you know. Make sure you know exactly what you want, flip those magazine pages around and note down exactly what you are looking for and I will be able to turn it around and help you make your dream home.


3. Patience
We all know that renovating is stressful, annoying, tiring, time-consuming… The list can go on and on. Regardless, of whether you plan on doing it yourself or hiring a team, it’s crucial to learn how to coop with your sanity. Be aware that you might not clean for days, it will get messy again especially for those who feel the need to clean every day! Another reminder that, things could get broken, deliveries can be delayed, supplies can go missing. These can always happen, without anyone’s control, for example; you could wind up without a kitchen for 2 months. If you’ve built an inner patience you will be ready for all these things. Remember that when it’s all over it will be worth it! I promise.