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About Tracy Daoud

I aim to create a luxurious and comfortable environment with my commercial and residential interior design talents and skills.

Tracy Daoud’s creative designs transform interiors into personalized environments that provide a sense of comfort and harmony. Trained in business and interior design, Tracy has 10 years of experience creating innovative and individualized solutions for her clients. Her attention to detail and collaborative approach make her the ideal partner for all interiors projects.

My mother was very passionate about interior design and shared that passion with me.
As a child, I remember visiting furniture stores with my mother, spending hours looking and analyzing every detail of the furniture and accessories. She always aspired to be an interior designer and that passion became instilled in me.

I was working as a kitchen cabinet designer for a company for over 3 years. I worked alongside a team of talented people, where we were all aligned and would accomplish anything together!

One day I was recruited by another company. I accepted the offer and was eager to start my new job upon my return from my planned trip to Greece with my friends.

While I was island hopping in Greece. I received an email from the company saying that they’ve decided not to recruit anyone right now since they experienced unfortunate events at the trade show.

I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. After a few days of reflection, I decided to enroll in university and get a Bachelor degree in Business Management at John Molson School of Business. I was excited to see where that would lead me.

While completing my studies, past clients were referring me to their friends and family. One client after another, I continued to gain enough experience to start my business full time and register my own company.

If you would have told me that seven years later I would be where I am today, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. I am very grateful for everything that has happened in my life and truly believe that everyone has a written destiny.

If you ask my family and friends, they would tell you that I could have been a lawyer because I love to talk and get my point across; but I never saw myself as a lawyer. Other than interior design, I’ve also always been interested in naturopathy. Clean eating, reading labels, and learning about supplements is right up my alley.

Raising my two boys while working full time and doing what I love. This is the most rewarding yet hardest thing I’ve done so far. So many clients ask me why I don’t hire a nanny or get more help? My answer is simple: I brought two wonderful boys to life and I want to raise them myself and make sure I don’t miss a thing. Kids grow up so fast, our time together is very precious.

I am Tracy Daoud and I set up Interior Designs by Tracy inc. in 2011. Since then, we have completed some significant projects, including work for condominiums in Montreal and renovations for full houses around the greater Montreal area. Interior Designs by Tracy inc. has been growing constantly since its inception, and I am really looking forward to helping more people with their interior design projects in the near future!

– Tracy has always adored art and design. She found inspiration through her mother and used to watch HGTV instead of cartoons as a child. From there she developed an interest in interior design and eventually graduated from Lasalle College in Interior Design with a focus on business management at the John Molson School of Business.

About Salpy Possian

Salpy is an interior design graduate from Herzing, Montreal. She enjoys all forms of arts and design. Her work mostly consists of interior design as well as fashion illustration. Her ultimate goal in life is to use her skills and talents to create designs and to help better the world. She loves to motivate others as well as help them see the bigger picture in their life through design.

I’ve always loved drawing and creating my own interiors as a kid which is when I knew for a fact I was very passionate about it. Every designer just knows that thrill when a client finally sees their finished space for the first time. It makes me so happy to just see that pleasure on their face knowing that I did something great for them which will make them happy for years to come.. it is truly an incredible feeling.

Other than interior design, I’ve also always been interested in fashion as well. I do also have my degree in fashion marketing from LaSalle college. Interior design has been my career choice however fashion will always still remain a passion and hobby of mine!

My top three favorite styles I would say would be Transitional, Modern and Eclectic.

To understand the meaning of design is to look at it beyond what the eyes can see. The story which is hidden behind its beauty.
Tracy Daoud

My promise to you is...

We will design amazing spaces that wow your friends and family, fit within your budget and reflect your personality. To help you create a home or office that is truly your own. Unique, timeless and bold.

To provide you with impressive designs that fit your needs, lifestyle and dreams.
We will design one-of-a-kind spaces using professional craftsmanship and materials.
Extensive attention to detail so that your home is special for years to come!
Creativity, expertise, and excellence

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