E-design – How To Get Started

What I need from you is the following:

1) Shop our E-design boutique and select a room option. On this page, you will notice different square footage of each space. Click on the one that is best appropriate with the dimensions of your room. Proceed by add to Cart.

2) Proceed to checkout; if you are not already a member please fill out the form with your information that is required.

3) Under the E-design menu you will find an option called “manage your project”. In this section you will have three steps to complete for each room design.

4) Step 1: You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. This will help the process of getting to know you and your surroundings. This will help me to get to know you and about your likes & dislikes.

5) Step 2: This is where you will upload pictures of your current room. In the same section you will also need to send me pictures of the pieces/furniture you want to keep and incorporate in your new design followed by their dimensions. To finalize this step, send me inspirational pictures of the style you like

6) Step 3: Measure the room you want us to work on.

7) Make sure you have filled out all the questions and once it’s done, click send!

8) Last step, sit back and enjoy while we create your personalized room!