E-Design Gift Certificate

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Looking for the perfect gift? Well stop looking ,you will find it here, your one stop shop! In my opinion the best gift is when it’s personalized to an individual. Offer them a customized space by purchasing an E-design gift certificate. Follow the steps below to help you complete your order.
Note: If you are purchasing two gift certificates of different amounts for two different individuals, you need to make two separate transactions.

1. Enter the amount you wish to purchase
2. Proceed to checkout
3. Go to the section “Store Credit Receiver Detail”
4. Click on “Gift store credit to someone else”
5. Enter THEIR e-mail address
6. Write a personalized message to them

Once they receive the gift certificate, they must go to the E-design shop where they will select the room they want to renovate. When they are ready to finalize, they will proceed to checkout where they will be asked to enter their coupon code to receive the store credit. And voilà a new room in the making!